From policing policies to prison practices, the ACLU of Connecticut seeks to reverse the tide of mass incarceration, protect constitutional rights, eliminate racial disparities, and increase government transparency and accountability to make our justice system more fair and equal. We advocate against the government abuses that lead to mass incarceration, the failed war on drugs, and inhumane treatment of prisoners, and for policies to remedy the injustices of the past. The ACLU of Connecticut was at the forefront of the successful efforts to repeal the death penalty in Connecticut, end cash-only bail for people charged with misdemeanors, eliminate over-zealous "drug-free" zones that unneccessarily ensnared people in the criminal justice system, and prevent the government from seizing someone's assets without first convicting them of a crime. We helped to lift up the voices of formerly incarcerated people to push for the Connecticut Fair Chance Employment Act, which "banned the box" on initial job applications, and continue to advocate for the end of solitary confinement and the creation of a second chance society for young people who have made mistakes. Our legal team sought help from the United Nations to stop our state's Department of Corrections from force-feeding a prisoner and secured religious observance rights for inmates at the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution. Criminal justice reform is working in Connecticut. Through advocacy and litigation, the ACLU-CT will continue to challenge unconstitutional laws and policies and forge a new path for equality under the law.