Have you seen our billboards in New Haven? They are telling the truth.

Right now, the government really can monitor your conversations with trusted confidants. Or find out if you attended a protest. Or spy on your personal relationships. Police can read your text messages and track your movements; students can have their phones searched at school.

You can help the ACLU of Connecticut to protect privacy. Here are three ways:

1) #TakeCtrl. Learn more about privacy issues in Connecticut, including legislation that would:

  • Protect students’ privacy.
  • Protect your emails, texts, and GPS locations. New legislation would require police to show evidence that a you have committed or will commit a crime in order to receive permission to track your cell phone information and prevent police from using stingrays (devices that can track your movements based on your cell phone location) without warrants.
  • Protect you from drone surveillance. Drones are an emerging technology, and it is important for our laws to keep up. New legislation would protect innocent Connecticut residents from surveillance by requiring police to obtain a warrant before using a drone to track people or properties.

3) Join us. Become a member or donor, and sign up to receive our emails, stay informed, and make your voice heard.